Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Do not just exist, live.

I'm a firm believer in 'new year, new you'. A new slate to start afresh.

Heck, why not? It's not like you'll (or anyone) will experience this year ever again. 

There's just something in the fresh breath of the beginning of 2016 that gives me the feeling that this will be a great year.

We will be forever searching for who we are and what is our purpose, but I feel that 2016 will make an impact, it will be a significant year where I will take steps closer to discovering my true self and what I stand for.

Reflecting back to 2015 I had found out so much about who I am, what I want and how to be responsible for my own happiness - that 2016 will be the year that I express it, expand it and do it

My 2016 motto? "The Year Of Adventure, Discovery and Change." Why? Because that is exactly what it will be. 

This will be the year where I take the leap, where I will go on adventures to discover the world, to discover myself, to discover life. This will be the year where I will make a change, no longer will I whine about this and that. Don't like it? Change it

Of course I have a bucket list for 2016. Why? Because what is life if you don't move towards something?

- Run 5km
Something I've always wanted to do but never thought I'd be capable of. I want to prove myself wrong and do it. 

- Try New Things
New year = New experiences. I want to give things a shot, stop saying no and start saying yes. 
Hiking? Yes. 
Run a marathon? Why the heck not? 
Snorkeling? Because seeing the sea is far better in person than on a screen saver. 
Workshops? From craft to random macaroon baking lessons - groupon sure is awesome. 
Yoga? I've always been curious. 
Swimming? It's about time I learnt how to.
Dance lessons? Because dancing alone in my room gets lonely. 

- Travel & Explore
Catch an adventure, eat foreign food and discover what the world is. 

- Swimming Lessons
Yes, you read right. I - a full grown adult, has ZERO confidence in the water. Throw me in the deep end of the pool and I'm a goner. 

- Lose Weight
Be Healthy, Be active, Be Lean, Be confident 

- Immerse Myself In Creativity
What greater gift is there than to express yourself through all forms of art. Painting. Drawing, Pottery, Photography... I want to do it all. 

- Quit Smoking... FOREVER
Because it's about damn time. 

- Ride A Bicycle... confidently.
Because it's about damn time. Haha. 

- Budget 
I've bought absolutely ridiculous things in 2015. 

2016 will be the year of doing, seeing and experiencing the things I've always wanted to. This will be the year guys! Have faith and just do it. 

"Do not just exist, LIVE." - Steve Harvey


Wednesday, 13 January 2016

OOTD Summer Lookbook Ep.2

OMG! I had so much fun filming and editing this episode. I've added our 2nd Episode to the Summer Lookbook playlist Click Here To View Playlist
I hope you all enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed creating it. 
See you all very soon! I have a few exciting posts in pending. 


Friday, 8 January 2016

2015 Beauty Favourites

It's that time of the year where all beauty magazines, beauty bloggers and beauty youtubers fret. The time of year where we sit and narrow down the top makeup products that we've loved throughout the entire year. 
Tell me, how could it possibly be that easy for a makeup lover (and probably hoarder) to completely narrow down their one years worth of testing, collecting and using to just a handful of products? 
For me? Easy. Didn't have a second thought. Why? Because these products stood out to me like a sore thumb (a good, blissful sore thumb of course). 
I could narrow down my 2015 favourites with my eyes closed. These are products that have ticked every single box in my list of what I want out of it. 
For this episode I decided to film it a bit different. Instead of a 15 minute video of me just rambling about how good a product is, I've decided to show you guys how I use it, how it works for me ... and also ramble.
This episode is pretty much my 2015 Beauty Round Up and Tutorial in one. 

I hope you all enjoy this episode. All items mentioned will be linked down below.

Products mentioned: 
Hour Glass Mineral Veil Primer
Australis Oh Hai Brow! Kit
Makeup Forever HD Foundation
Chi Chi Fabulous & Flawless Foundation
MAC Pro Longwear Concealer
Bareminerals Concealer "Well Rested"
Too Faced Chocolate Soleil "Medium/Deep" Matte Bronzer
NARS Blush "Torrid"
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish "Soft & Gentle"
Napoleon Perdis Color Disc "Tawny Temptress"
Lorac Pro Palette
Urban Decay 24/7 Velvet Glide On Pencil "Black Velvet"
Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner "Intense Black"
Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara
MAC Lipstick "Velvet Teddy"
NYX Girls Round Lipgloss "Cafe Latte"

Thank you all so much for watching. Don't forget to Subscribe to not miss an episode. 
So tell me, what was your top picks for 2015?


Wednesday, 16 December 2015

What I Ate - 1,200 Calories Ep. 1

I was so overwhelmed with the amount of emails, private msgs and phone calls I've had over my last blog post about my weight loss story. I would like to sincerely thank you all for opening up and telling me your very own story and inspiring me to continue in trying to be a healthier me.

Due to a lot of queries from friends, family, subscribers and readers I decided to record and give you all an idea of my daily food intake.

Now my diet is based on a 1,200 calorie diet - which is not something I recommend for all but something I found that works well for myself.

I concentrate on clean eating, but I'm not strict where I won't allow myself indulge once in awhile. I also like to stick to eating the same thing for a week (or until I get sick of it) - I find it easier and less fuss, thus motivating me to continue!

As a final statement before I fully begin with the episode, I would also like to point out, I am in no way shape or form of a dietician, fitness trainer or Dr. This regime is just something I did after a lot of research and trials and found that it works well with my lifestyle.
I hope you all found this episode helpful, motivating and inspiring. Please subscribe to my channel click here where I will be uploading more episodes similar to this.

Breakfast = 272 Calories

- Freedom Foods Porridge - 1 Cup = 150 Calories
- Milk - 1/2 Cup = 73 Calories
- Honey - 1/2 tbs = 30 Calories
- Blackberries - 1/8 Cup = 8 Calories
- Blueberries - 1/8 Cup = 11 Calories

Snack = 78 Calories

- Kiwi Fruit - 1 = 40 Calories
- Strawberry - 1/2 Cup = 27 Calories
- Blueberries - 1/8 Cup = 11 Calories

Lunch = 259 Calories

- Whole Meal Toast - 1 = 74 Calories
- Avocado - 1/2 = 50 Calories
- Tabouli Salad - 1/2 Cup = 45 Calories
- Deli Sliced Chicken - 1 = 35 Calories
- Cheese Slice - 1 = 55 Calories


- Vietnamese Fish Sauce - 3tbs = 48 Calories
- Vermicelli Noodles - 1 Cup = 160 Calories
- Lettuce - 1.5 Cup = 8 Calories
- Pork Spring Roll - 1 = 80 Calories

I hope you all found this episode helpful and inspiring. Don't forget to like and subscribe to my channel if you did!

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Style Me : Overalls | How I Style Overalls

Overalls - such a fun fashion piece, but styling them can be challenging and the opportunities could be overlooked. On my recent fashion episode I styled two typed of overalls in many different ways. 
I hope you all feel inspired by this episode and of course enjoyed it! View the full episode below. 

O U T F I T  O N E 
- Overalls - Lee Cooper
- Top - Refuge Clothing
- Shoes - Emerson (Not Available Online)
- Watch - Pierre Cardin
(Not exact same but similar)
- Scarf - Kmart (in store only)
- Shoes - Girl Express (in store only)

O U T F I T  T W O 
- Top - Ralph Lauren
- Shoes - Hot Options
(Not exact but similar)
- Lipstick - MAC Ruby Woo
- Hat - HK Markets
(Not the same, but similar)
- Coat - Queenspark
(Not the same, but so damn cute!)

O U T F I T  T W O
- Overalls - Girl Express
(Only sold in store)
- Top - Hong Kong
(No longer available)
- Sandals - Rubi Shoes
(Not exact, but similar... and so cute!)
- Hat - Equip

O U T F I T  F O U R
- Top - Giordano
- Boots - WildFox
(No longer available)
- Sunglasses - Sydney Marketcity
- Cap - South Korea 
(No longer available, but similar sold on eBay)
- Top - Baleno
(No longer available)

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

November 2015 Beauty Favourites & Recommendations

Hey guys!
So it's that time of the month again! A favourites video! Is it weird that I look forward to these types of videos more than anything?
So for this round of favourites I've pretty much compiled 4 months worth of beauty products that I've been using constantly and really recommend for you guys to check out.

List of products:
- Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser BUY HERE
- Beauty Pod Airbrush FX Sponge BUY HERE
- Loreal Infallible 24h-Matte Foundation BUY HERE
- INGLOT Freedom System Palette (Blushes 4) BUY HERE
- INGLOT HD Sculpting Powder BUY HERE
  • 503
  • 501
  • 505
  • 502
- Savvy Mineral Baked Blush "Coral" (They no longer sell this product online, though they do have other Mineral Baked Bronzers in other shades CLICK  HERE
- Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette BUY HERE
- MAC Matte Lipstick "Velvet Teddy" BUY HERE


Thank you so much for visiting! I hope you all found this helpful! Let me know if you have any questions! And if you know any products to recommend let me know!

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