Thursday, 26 March 2015

DIY: Chevron Designed Canvas

Yes, I am back with another home decor DIY. This one is for a chevron designed canvas that I painted for my little collage mirror wall in our master bedroom.
Don't get me wrong, I love my little clusters of mirrors on my wall but I felt it needed a little break and interest so I made this canvas. 

For This DIY You Will Need:
- Canvas - size is your choice
- Masking tape
- Scissors
- Basal Wood Design - this is optional, I chose a wooden anchor, purchased from Bunnings.
- Acrylic Paint - one for the chevron design and another for the basal wood stencil
- Paint Brush
- Strong Adhesive/Glue - I went with double sided tape.

1. Using your masking tape and scissors, mask your chevron design onto your canvas.

2. Paint over your canvas and chevron design with your chosen acrylic paint. You can do one coat, but I went with three for a more solid colour. 

3. Allowing the canvas to dry, paint your wooden design with your chosen acrylic paint. I chose gold because it's the accent colour in our master bedroom.
Now, you don't have to have a wooden design, you could be as creative as you'd like, why not design your own template and use cardboard instead? Got something else that has caught your eye? Even better! 

4. Once all is  dry use your Adhesive/Glue or in my case double sided tape and attach your wooden design to your canvas. 

There you have it! Easy huh? I hope you all enjoyed this little DIY blog post! Don't forget to check back in soon and subscribe to my youtube channel subscribe here for more DIY blog posts and videos!
Thanks for visiting and I'll see you all in the next one!

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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Home Decor' DIY Episode

So in case you guys haven't seen it, I've recently uploaded a Home Decor' DIY episode which features 3 easy ad affordable home decor DIY's!

Watch the episode here!

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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Product Review - Essence 'Stay All Day 16H Liquid Foundation'

Hi guys! On today's blog post I am doing a review on the affordable and wonderful drugstore brand Essence and their 'Stay All Day 16h' foundation. 

According to the Essence Cosmetics Website click here, this foundation is:

  • long lasting
  • has a delicate texture
  • allows even and simple application
  • comes with a pump

Let's Begin!

Before Application 
(Bare and freshly washed face)
  • A lot of redness here, there and everywhere. 
  • Scarring from recovering blemishes
  • Under eye circles
After One Layer Of Application
(No primers, concealers or setting powders)
What I noticed:
  • Covers all redness, scarring and blemishes with the one layer - definitely a full coverage foundation
  • No streak marks
  • Settles fast into the skin
  • Matte finish
  • Feels comfortable and light weight
After Applying The Rest Of My Make Up
To compare between setting the liquid foundation with a powder and not, I applied a translucent setting powder onto the right side of my face (no setting sprays or primers used).

4.5 Hours After Initial Application

  • The foundation went slightly darker
  • Started creasing into my fine lines along my chin and fore head
  • Redness, scarring and blemishes remained concealed.
  • Signs of slight oiliness along forehead and cheeks - both sides
  • Along the left side of my face (side that had not been set with powder) my pores have become visible. 
  • Still feels comfortable and lightweight on the skin. 

7 Hours After Initial Application
  • Has become completely darker in shade
  • Has become oily on fore head, cheeks and chin (on both sides of face)
  • Became patchy and started "cracking" along nose, upper lip, chin and four head
  • Pores are completely visible
  • Redness, blemishes and scarring is still concealed.

Final Verdict
No bueno for me, I appreciate the coverage and that still after 7 hours of wear my blemishes and redness was still concealed, but just the fact on it's own that I went about three shades darker throughout the day is discouraging enough. 

Like c'mon let's compare shall we?
7 hours later
When I first applied it in the morning

My husband came home from work that day and assumed I had spent the entire day playing around with a tube of fake tan. Now, some maybe ok with the colour change, for me? I want my colour to be the same the entire day as when I first applied my make up. I am okay with slight changes in colour, but not three shades darker! 
Don't get me wrong, I still love essence, and will forever be playing with their stuff... just not this foundation - pass for me! 

Tell me readers - did you try this foundation out? Did you find a similar result?

Thanks for visiting guys! See you all in the next blog post!

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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

DIY - Wrapping Paper Artwork

I love wrapping paper - there are so many beautiful designs and a whole lot of different and creative things you can do with them. 
If you watch my daily vlogs watch here or keep up with me on instagram follow here you would know I have been redecorating parts of my home. Because I love redecorating so frequently I always try and find the most cost effective way to tweek parts of the house, which now leads to today's blog post.
On today's blog post I've decided to share with you one of the most simplest and cheapest ways to add a bit of fancy to your room. 

For this DIY you will need:
- Frames of your choice, now you could use ones that have been collecting dust in your home or purchase ones like I did for $2 each at my local dollar store.
- Wrapping paper of your choice, could be wrapping paper or scrapbook paper - be as creative as you want!
- Scissors
- Ruler and pencil - optional, depends on how fickle you are with perfection, me? not so much. 

1. Removing the backing of your photo frame use the paper that comes inside the frame as your template for your wrapping paper.

2. Cut your wrapping paper according to size. Don't you just love the design of this paper? My eyes saw stars when I spotted it at our dollar store.

3. Now just place it in your photo frames and TADA! Three easy steps to a wonderful piece of artwork.

You could be as creative as you'd like with the paper, don't minimise it to just one look, I made each of my frames with the pattern going in different directions. 

This is a perfect way of you to add a back drop to your bedside table, break up a busy photo collage on the wall and reuse all that wrapping paper you have left over from the christmas holidays!

I hope you all enjoyed this easy 3 step DIY and get creative with it! Stay tuned because I have a lot more creative wrapping paper DIYs coming soon!
Don't forget to check out my youtube channel where I will be uploading a few more DIY's and hey! If you enjoy beauty talk, you know I gots-it-there!

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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

12 Surprises - January 2015 - Picnic At The Park

So a few posts ago I had blogged about a new theme my husband and I came up with called "12 Surprises"( CLICK HERE to read the post).
For the first month of 2015 the envelope "Picnic At The Park" was picked by Miss Madeleine. So last weekend picnic at the park we went!

The park we had chosen was awesome enough to have a beach right in front which we enjoyed for the rest of the day!

James Nomming on some sand... lol

Madeleine collecting some "shells" (pebbles and rocks... lol)

Sure to say, this was a wonderful way to start our weekend, exhausted from the salt water and burnt from the sun... but was totally worth it! Thank you for the memories 2015!

Our Vlog of the whole day!

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Product Review: Revlon Colorstay Combination/Oily Skin Formula

Hello dearest readers! 
Today's product review in mission to declutter my make up collection will be on the famous drugstore product "Revlon Colorstay" combination/oily formulated liquid foundation. 
A favourite of many (including myself), I will show you guys how great this foundation is for us oily skinned people!

  • No pump = bummer, but I do have the old packaged one and I do believe they now come with a pump!
  • Glass Bottle
  • Contains 30mls of product


(freshly washed and moisturized base)

(no primers used, right side is lightly set with translucent powder)
What I had noticed:
  • Doesn't feel heavy
  • Blend well into the skin
  • Conceals dark cirlces, redness, scarring and pimple (that is on my right cheek... as if you hadn't already notice before)
  • Sets fairly quickly

(no setting sprays)

 What I Had Noticed:
  • Slight oiliness along the left side of my four head (the side that is not set with any powders)
  • Everything still remains concealed - dark under eye circles, redness and pimples/blemishes
  • No signs of fading or creasing with the foundation

 What I Had Noticed:
  • Equally oily on both sides of my four head
  • Started to crease along my nose and chin area
  • Had creased along the sides of my nostrils
  • Under eye circles are still concealed.

 Long before this review I was a huge fan of this foundation, it was a foundation that always turned my "bad skin days" into "FABULOUS skin days", a great pick me up when you have something you want to hide. 
Along with an oil controlling primer and a good setting powder (or touch up powder), this foundation will and has done wonders. 
Still a favourite and staple in my foundation drawer and a definite recommend for anyone on the market for an affordable drugstore product with amazing coverage and awesome lasting powder. 
Oh! And did I forget to mention, they have a range that caters to those with dry skin and a HUGE selection of shades? So don't be afraid to check one out for yourself!

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Friday, 16 January 2015

Craft Time With The Kids: DIY Sparkle Mosaic Clutch Purse

Last week Maddy and I decided to play with one of her gifts she got for Christmas off her Aunt and Uncle. I was so excited when I saw her unwrap this gift because I've seen these in Kmart and have wanted to buy it for Maddy for the longest time!

 DIY Sparkle Mosaics Clutch Purse! 

The kit includes:
  • A Clutch Purse (with a stencil as a guideline already printed on the clutch)
  • 4 Sheets of Jewel Stickers to decorate the clutch

 As I was watching Madeleine making the clutch I noticed how much it really tests and exercises their hand and eye co ordination. 
I was also surprised to see how meticulous my daughter was at making sure she put the sticker jewel on the right way... in the right angle. 

The finished product! 
Maddy was so excited that she had created her very own handbag (she's super girly).
She has been walking around the house all diva like with the clutch in her hand all week!

Thanks for coming by guys!

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