Easy Mom Spring OOTD Ideas

Hi guys!

It’s that time of the year. The time where we are transitioning from Winter into Spring and we can’t decide whether we are hot or cold, whether it’s too early or not to pack our coats away and whether or not denim shorts are appropriate to wear just yet.

It can be very confusing, especially for a mother who is just after something comfortable to wear so we can actually chase our kids. Honestly, if it were up to me I’d say Pj’s all year round, but there’s just something about flannel pajamas and school drop offs that shouts “hey fellow mothers! judge me!”.

Here are a few outfit ideas that are comfortable, transitional and also affordable. Majority of the items mentioned is actually from my Kmart Spring Fashion Haul. Haven’t read it yet? Then CLICK HERE.

 Outfit #1

  • Tartan Dress – Korea
  • Mustard Jumper – H&M
  • Black Scarf – Ebay
  • Baret – Ebay
  • Boots – Payless

Honestly? This is what my husband would call a typical Vanessa outfit. Anything that resembles a tartan print is usually put straight into my basket and into my wardrobe. What I love about this shirt/dress is that it’s long enough to wear on it’s own when it get’s warm, but perfect with a pair of tights for when it get’s cold.

Outfit #2

  • Dress – Kmart
  • Scarf – Jeans West
  • Boots – Kmart
  • Bag – Kmart

The flow of the dress allows me to sprint after my kids (literally – my son is a fast runner) and just overall feels so comfortable. You know what the best thing about this outfit is? I literally just threw on a dress, a scarf and boots and automatically looked put together.

Outfit #3

  • Top – Kmart
  • Skirt – Salvation Army
  • Scarf – Hand me down
  • Tote Bag – Made by yours truly
  • Shoes – Kmart

I’ve probably worn this outfit 5 times already in the last month. It’s just so darn comfortable and adorable! It just screams buying a bouquet of flowers from the farmers market (and I actually did with this outfit. Ha!).

Outfit #4

  • Top – Kmart
  • Boyfriend Jeans – Big W
  • Bag – Aldo
  • Shoes – Kmart

This is what I typically would wear to my kids playgroup, sport classes or anything that requires me to be more active than usual. It’s comfortable, not restrictive and still looks put together.

So that sums up todays blog post. A big thank you to my fellow mother friend Griz for giving me this “Easy Mommy Outfit” idea. You are a charm!

Thank you for visiting today. I will see you all next Wednesday with our next post!


Kmart Spring Fashion Haul

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m no stranger to Kmart… or a bargain. A visit to Kmart once a week is an understatement and our house pretty much looks like Kmart vomited inside of it. They always have something new, fun and exciting at affordable prices! Dare I complain? Heck no!

Recently I paid a visit to Kmart and yes… I bought a few things. Spring clothing pieces in particular. Okay. Hear me out. I’ve tried going down the minimalism route – but I just can’t. I get bored way too quickly to become a minimalist. Some call it ADHD, I call it boredom. Even my husband calls my interests “phases” because I change so quickly, one minute I’m obsessed with Urban fashion, the next I’m covered in pastels and flowers from head to toe. So what has been my latest obsession? Linen fashion. It’s pretty much the effortless, boho look mixed in with a bit of Japanese street. And surprise surprise, Kmart had a few things that tickled my Linen fashion fancy, and yet again – at affordable prices.

So here is my little Kmart Fashion Haul. Take it as it is, me showing you what I bought and what you could buy today… or tomorrow.


Okay, let’s start with the most expensive thing out of the bunch. This faux denim embroidered dress. Yes, $25 is a bit steep (for Kmart) but how could I resist the flow of this dress and the gorgeous embroidery along the neckline? This and a pair of camel boots? Yes fricken please!

Beautiful embroidery – just screams Spring!


Clearly this is a staple Spring top. The embroidery along the sleeves is literally what caught my eye. This top is all about the detail.




When I put this item into my basket I had one and only one look in mind. Tied around the waist, a pair of light washed boyfriend jeans and white sneakers. Effortless mommy? Absolutely.



This is what I picture paired with a pretty maxi linen skirt. It’s a throw on top that exists in every mothers wardrobe.


Saw these and immediately threw them into the bag. Staple sandal for any warm month.


I’ve been using the same bag for the last 3 years – I needed another option. Love the optional two handles and the camel suede. I know I’ve said it already in this post, but I need to say it again – A Spring staple!

Alright, that pretty much concludes today’s blog post. Hope you feel all tempted to visit your local Kmart. I can’t wait to style these for future posts!