DIY Vase Fillers – Foam Balls

Ever have that one (or more) vase in your home that contains absolutely nothing and ends up being a dumping ground? We do. It’s a beautiful glass vase my mother gave to me, and what do we use it for? Our keys, creams, gift cards and of course bills. What a waste right?

So what do you do to dish the dumping ground and make use of that exquisite vase? Get some vase fillers! Of course you can go the more expensive and quicker route by buying fillers that cost on average about $20AU a pack, but this is Vanessas Corner. And that’s not what Vanessas Corner is about, is it? We are about affordability, creativity and getting absolutely smashed with mess. On today’s DIY blog post I decided to give you all an easy step by step tutorial on how you can switch the clutter for beautiful and affordable vase fillers.

In this post I’ve created two types of foam balls – a beautiful rose embellished one and a rose gold glittered one. Of course, you can opt for one or do what I did – both!

Rose Embellished Filler

You Will Need:

  • Foam Balls – Dollar Store
  • Tissue Paper – Dollar Store
  • Glue Gun
  • Scissors






Step One

Cut your tissue paper into equal strips. I did mine with a width of 1inch each. Keep in mind the thicker and longer your strips, the more full and bigger your roses will be.

Step Two

Scrunch each of your strips individually into tight balls.This will give the roses some texture and make the next steps easier to achieve.

Step Three

Gently unravel and straighten out each scrunched strip. Roll tightly your strip for about 1nch. This will be the centre of your rose so make sure it is tight and pact.

Step Four

Gather and wrap the tissue paper around the rolled centre of your strip. I found it easier to maintain the tightness of the rose by keeping it in hold and turning it with my left hand, and using my right hand to gather the strip.

Step Five

When you’ve reached about 1cm towards the end of your strip pinch and flatten it with your fingers and secure the rose by glueing it down with your hot glue gun.

Step Six

Cut the bottom tip of your rose to create a flat base for gluing.

Step Seven

Cover the entire foam ball by gluing all the roses down and you are done!

Rose Gold Glitter Filler

What You Will Need:

  • Foam Balls – Dollar Store
  • Fine Glitter – Spot Light
  • PVA Glue – Dollar Store
  • Paint Brush
  • Clear Spray Paint Gloss Finish (Optional) – Bunnings


Step One

Coat your foam ball with a layer of PVA Glue using your brush. The thicker the layer of glue you apply the more prone it is of being uneven – I applied only a thin layer.

Step Two

Sprinkle your now glued ball with your glitter evenly and allow to dry.

Tip – I pierced mine with a toothpick as a handle. It made it easier to manoeuvre the ball and to evenly cover the ball with glitter without getting too messy. To dry evenly just pierce the toothpick into a stable base – I used a tissue box.

Step Three – OPTIONAL

Glitter can release a lot of fall out which can be a huge ugh! Especially in my books. This step is optional but recommended.

Fix the glitter to prevent fall out when handled by spraying a VERY thin layer of clear spray paint on top (glossy finish spray paint will make the glitter sparkle 10x more!). Allow to air dry.

Tip – Make sure you only do a very light layer as the ball can soak up the paint and become deformed.


And there you have it! Your vase is no longer a dumping ground for clutter but a new decorative piece for your home. Ours is kept on our fire place as an accent piece.

Thanks for visiting and reading todays blog post. I hope you all feel inspired & feel creative. If you have any questions about the DIY feel free to comment and I will get back to you guys asap!





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