DIY Wardrobe Rehab – Sunglasses!

Welcome to our first Wardrobe Rehab DIY blog post. A series dedicated to upgrading and revamping old retired fashion pieces. Today we will be DIYing an accessory piece that is not only functional, but considered a fashion statement as well – Sunglasses!

Whether you are going to a music festival or you simply want something¬†to up style your default outfit, we¬†have it for you! Of course everyone has their own unique style so today I have set up two different rehab DIY’s, both of which you can customise to suit yourself.

Flower Blooming

These pair are perfect for the warmer months and just screams “flower power”, making it perfect for the boho fashionistas.

What you will need:

  • Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Sunglasses – Salvation Army
  • Paper Flower Embellishments – Dollar Store



Step One

Cut the stems from the flower buds as closely as possible to the bud.

Step Two

Using your hot glue gun apply glue to the base of the flowers and press onto the frame of your sunglasses.

You can design how you place the flowers however you’d like. I decided to go hard out and place it along the entire frame. Why not ey?

Completed! Have fun making an entrance!


This pair is made for those who love their pearls, love their diamonds and can’t resist a bit of Miss Hepburn in their wardrobe. I used pearls as the embellishment but you can use whatever sparkles your sunshine!

What You Will Need:

  • Sunglasses – An old pair
  • Glue – E-6000 (love this glue when it comes to handling beads)
  • Pearls – From an old necklace
  • Tooth picks (optional)

Step One

Apply the glue to your embellishment.

TIP – Using a toothpick makes it less messy and you can be a lot more precise with applying the glue.

Step Two

Gently press the embellishment to the frames of your sunglasses. As per usual you can design it however you’d like. I decided to just add it to the top corners as an accent feature.

Step Three

Give adequate time for the glasses to dry. E-6000 is not a hot glue gun so it will need a couple of hours.

Alright folks, I hope you all enjoyed today’s DIY. If you have any trouble with the DIY feel free to leave a comment and I will help you out asap! Thank you for visiting.

Remember! Be inspired and get creative.



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