YESSTYLE.COM – it was a fashion website that was big back when I was in high school, but it was also a website that I never bought from because I never had any money and everything looked so expensive. I don’t know what compelled me to, but a few weeks ago I decided to go on the website and make my first order. Do I regret it? Absolutely not!

If you are into your Asian, Kpop, Linen (and all the above) fashion then this is definitely a website you will thoroughly enjoy. Something that was only meant to be a quick browse while I was on the toilet, soon turned into an hour of me watching, wish listing and saving a bunch of items I didn’t even know I “needed” in my wardrobe.

Since this was my first experience ordering from the website I decided to provide a review for all of you guys who are contemplating on thinking of placing an order from YESSTYLE.COM.


I believe it’s a website dedicated to a bunch of different manufacturers and sellers from around Asia – think of eBay but a lot more classier, no used, vintage items and actual regulations. They sell a crazy amount of different things for men, women and children. From clothing, underwear, swimwear, shoes & accessories to asian cosmetics, skincare, home & lifestyle.


The website is made all electronic device friendly. They do have an app, which I refuse to download to resist any urges to do unnecessary shopping. But the website made it easy to navigate, watch and place orders on items. They even have subcategorised menus for things such as new items, 48 hour sale, in-stock items, Korean highlights and Japanese highlights.

The products they sell have a good amount of images, varying from inspiring outfit ideas to close up detailed images.

If you’re lucky a few of the products also have a few reviews from past consumers, which was very helpful when it came to sizing.


I don’t know what happened but it seems that within the last few years YESSTYLE has become a lot more affordable. Don’t get me wrong, they still have their pricier items, but they consistently do flash sales (probably every couple of days) so you are always bound to get a good bargain.

Depending on where you live, free shipping can be available. They have deals such as “spend over $50AU, receive free shipping” – which of course I did, spending $50+ isn’t hard to do when it comes to clothes!

Now this is where I have a little story to tell you guys that made me become a very impressed and satisfied consumer on YESSTYLE.

During initial purchase I had ordered 6 different items, all in which they had to wait until arrival to the factory before actually shipping to me. Within the next 24 hours I had received an email notifying me that one of the items was no longer in stock. Not only was there an apology attached to the email but also a full refund on the item and spending credit worth $5US for next purchase. After getting my money back for the unavailable item plus extra credit on top of that – I was happy and not phased at all by the loss of purchase.

The arrival of my package came within the week – which is very fast considering I didn’t pay a single dollar for shipping.


When it comes to online clothes shopping for Asian based websites, I tend to become very wary about the sizing. Usually their “One size fits all” really means “One size fits small”. And their large means our medium.

The website does provide measurements for all items and depending on what item, they actually have a great amount of size selections, some actually went from XS to XXL. Which I thought was fantastic!

However, even though they provided measurements for all the sizes, I had learnt my lesson from a few other websites and instead opted for the larger sizes.

When my package arrived I found that everything was true to size. EVERYTHING. Some actually came quite bigger than expected – but I don’t mind, I always like the extra room for a food baby.


I’m obsessed with the website, I have since initial purchase been upgraded to a “Bronze Member” which includes a $10US credit voucher and 3% discount from all future purchases. Honey, I’ve got so many items on watch that I know I will be a “Diamond Member” by the end of the year.

All the items I received are top notch quality, true to size and affordable. I can’t complain. The items were so unique to what I would find here at our local shopping malls.

I do recommend that you guys check out the website, it may be your next go to impulse shopping website.


Snow Flower – Print Collared Linen-Blend Dress



A breathable linen dress. One that I can’t wait to wear for the warmer seasons.

Clover Dream – Linen Cotton Panel Shirtdress

$27.86 AU


One of my favourite purchases from the lot. I’ve worn this dress about 3x already in the last two weeks. Again, breathable linen fabric – perfect for the upcoming warmer seasons, comfortable and plenty of room to run, chase and squat after the kids.

Clover Dream – Linen Jumper Midi Dress



How adorable is this piece?! Imagine, a white T and white canvas shoes for the Summer time. Heck yeah! This is probably one of the items I was uming about before payment. I am sometimes wary when it comes to wearing overalls – even though they’re absolutely adorable. They tend to accentuate my food belly, but not with this one. It’s flattering in the most awesome way, comfortable and breathable.

Fancy Show – Check Cropped Pants



I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again. Anything with or close to a tartan print is always automatically placed into my basket. These cropped pants are definitely no exception. Cute right? Yeah, thought so.

HOTCAKE – Print Crewneck T-Shirt



Why not get a graphic T that has a phrase I constantly use as a mother? Something I know I’ll be wearing as a basic with absolutely anything.

So this sums up my haul from YESSTYLE.COM I hope you all found it helpful. Let me know if you guys ever bought from there and paste any links as well!


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